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Episode 2.10

S02E10  1

    Season 2  Like

 Written by
Tricia Brock Writer

 Directed by
Tina Rathborne

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 Guest Stars
Susan Sundholm
Gavin O'Herlihy
Ian Buchanan
  Dick Tremayne
Dan Calfa
Chris Mulkey
  Hank Jennings
Tiffany Muxlow
Clarence Williams III
James Booth
Michael Parks
  Jean Renault
Jane Greer
Tony Jay
Eric DaRe
  Leo Johnson
John Boylan
  Dwayne Milford
Don S. Davis
  Major Garland Briggs
Wendy Robie
  Nadine Hurley
Grace Zabriskie
  Sarah Palmer

Tina Rathborne
Tricia Brock

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The series is dead

By Jack Anderson  on September 24, 2017

Twin Peaks could be summarized easily. Who killed Laura Palmer?
As soon as this question was answered, the show became from outstanding to terribly bad. And it wasn't a progressive change. The change happened in just one second.
And this episode is the one. This is the episode where Twin Peaks jumps the shark and becomes so bad, that you wish that the series would have ended with the previous episode.

The relationship between Audrey and Agent Cooper, which was so interesting in the series, is totally destroyed in this episode.
Agent Cooper: "Audrey, I like you and I care about you. I'll always consider you my friend. "
Audrey: "Friendship is the foundation of any lasting relationship."
From that moment, it is finished. That's it. Agent Cooper is such a saint, that he becomes boring. Meanwhile, Audrey will never be interesting anymore.

I give the episode 1 out of 10.

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