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Part 1

S03E01     9

 Written by

Mark Frost Writer
David Lynch Writer

 Directed by

David Lynch

 Original Air Date

May 21, 2017


Ben Rosenfield
  Sam Colby
George Griffith
  Ray Monroe
Matthew Lillard
  William Hastings
Max Perlich
Redford Westwood
James Giordano
  Officer Douglas
Christopher Murray
  Officer Olson
Michael Bisping
Kathleen Deming
James Croak
Joseph Auger
  Delivery Driver
Allen Galli
  Man in Suit
Melissa Bailey
  Marjorie Green
Erica Eynon
  Experiment Model
Cornelia Guest
  Phyllis Hastings
Nicole LaLiberte
Madeline Zima
Dep Kirkland
  Police Chief Mike Boyd
Bailey Chase
  Detective Don Harrison
Carel Struycken
Jane Adams
  Constance Talbot
Brent Briscoe
  Detective Dave Macklay
Mary Stofle
  Ruth Davenport
Ashley Judd
  Beverly Paige
Russ Tamblyn
  Dr. Lawrence Jacoby
Catherine E. Coulson
  Margaret Lanterman (The Log Lady)
David Patrick Kelly
  Jerry Horne
Harry Goaz
  Deputy Andy Brennan
Richard Beymer
  Benjamin Horne
Kimmy Robertson
  Lucy Brennan
Michael Horse
  Deputy Chief Tommy "Hawk" Hill
Sheryl Lee
  Laura Palmer


Mark Frost
David Lynch
David Lynch


 New Quote

Laura Palmer: Hello, Agent Cooper. [Winks at hime] I'll see you again in 25 years. Meanwhile...

Tall man: Agent Cooper. Listen to the sounds. It is in our house now.
Agent Cooper: It is?
Tall man: It all cannot be said aloud now. Remember 430. Richard and Linda. Twi birds with one stone.
Agent Cooper: I understand.
Tall man: You are far away.



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 New Review

Capturing a new magic

By Jack Anderson  on September 16, 2017

In an era where most movies and series are either reboots, soft reboots or sequels, one could be afraid of learning that Twin Peaks would be back. And it did came back. On October 6, 2014, Showtime announced that a new season of the series would air, written by original authors Mark Frost and David Lynch, with all episodes being directed by David Lynch himself. Shot as a long film, it was then edited into multiple episodes (18 to be precise), that started to air on May 21, 2017.
As I said, I was afraid, because if many refers to Twin Peaks as one of the best TV series of all time, many forget that the series only had two seasons and that the second part of the second season was very, very bad.
We all know the great and eternal concept from the original series. Laura Palmer, a young girl from the peculiar city of Twin Peaks is found dead. FBI Agent Dale Cooper is sent to investigate and finally learns that... well... just watch the first two seasons if you don't know what the hell I am talking about. But as soon as the audience found out who (or what) the killer was, the show became utterly bad, only to be saved with a great finale.
So, what would have been the point to launch a new season, if the show creators were not even able to sustain the drama for two years? Well, this is Mark Frost and David Lynch we are talking about. And as much as we know that most sequels fail, we also can only agree that both men are very imaginative and that Twin Peaks was not like any other great series. It had that magic that only fate, imagination and very hard work can produce.

So, the main question was, how to continue a story that was left twenty-five years ago? Well, first, the good thing is that the series did actually close with a cliffhanger. The evil spirit had taken the body from Agent Cooper and was end up seen laughing in front of a mirror. Therefore, the opening of the episode, in a certain way, picks up there, with Laura Palmer saying to Agent Cooper that they will see each other again in 25 years.

I was expecting for a return in a similar style as the original two seasons of Twin Peaks. Same soundtrack, same actors, same story type, such as a dark disappearance and Cooper being back on the case. Boy, was I utterly and completely wrong! This season - if we can really call this a new season - is a complete recreation and renewal of Twin Peaks. And I've got just the right theory for that. You see, most reboots or sequels fail to capture the magic of the originals. And the reason is quite simple. Magic is just that. You can try to force your way into it, it is almost an impossible task to recapture a magic from something that was shot decades ago. The first obvious but very important aspect is that the technologies have evolved so much. Just compare a beautiful film from the 70's to an awful digitally shot film from the 2010's, this is night and day. Even sound recordings have changed. In TV, the screen aspect ratio is also drastically different. The only time I really saw a sequel from an old movie that worked well and recaptured that magic was Star Wars: The Force Awakens, from J.J. Abrams, and I'm not afraid to say it. From the very first scene, there was something - I won't say a force - that can almost be touched. But this is one ouf of a thousand, as most other exercises simply fail from the first shot.
So, instead of trying to mimic their own work, in the risk of create of parody of themselves, Frost and Lynch decide to create a new artform. A continuation of a story, but with a different form, searching for something, which is - or should be - the point of art. Looking for something, yet never really knowing what it is. Touching a dark beauty, I guess. Nick Cave explains it beautifully when talking about composing music and trying to find "it". Once you've got it, then the point is to move forward and look for something else. And that's exactly what Frost and Lynch have done with this new season of Twin Peaks.

Visually, the movie, sorry, the opening double episode, is grandiose. Just the shot of New York is enough for me to feel satisfied. And it takes place at only 9 minute into the episode. Lync is exploring and that feels like just a big relief, especially knowing that most of what we see on TV has been manufactured to please most of the audience, hence satisfying everyone, ergo, truly satisfying no one.
That sequence somewhere above New York is long, but beautiful. And to continue the analogy with music, this is like listening to a great symphony or a precisely three-minutes formatted song playing over again on the radio. Here, we get the time to enjoy and see all the facets of an arc.

An outstanding return, with Mark Frost and David Lynch looking for something through Twin Peaks, while most producers would have spent all their time and energy looking to recreate Twin Peaks. I give it 9 out of 10. Outstanding.


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