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 Previous episodeNext episode Season 2 S02E06

 Written by
Paul Brown

 Directed by
Michael Lange

 Original Air Date
October 21, 1994

X: "They only have one policy: Deny everything."

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The beautiful ending
by Jack Anderson on 2018-06-08 17:03:02 ET
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Last post by Jack Anderson
280 days ago
Grouse Mountain
by Jack Anderson on 2017-10-18 15:37:19 ET
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Last post by Jack Anderson
518 days ago

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A Masterpiece
By Jack Anderson on September 10, 2017

The last scene with Mulder looking at the sky in the middle of the night is beyond sublime. It is a highly emotional scene with a profoundly beautiful music from Mark Snow.

Ascension is without any doubt one of the top ten episodes of the entire series. I love this episode immensely, up until the beautiful ending. 10/10.

By danascully09 on May 30, 2018

Can DD be more persuasive than in that episode??
What can I say?? Every scene is amazing, Scully's rapt, Mulder's sorrow, and rage, and run, and search...
Krycek is a bad ass yeah! CSM knows everything about Scully's abduction, Skinner opens up the XFiles, Duane Barry succeeds his plan... WOW we can't breathe until the end, (just a little when Mulder reaches the top of the mountain without dying)
Moving scenes with Margaret Scully, whose trust in Mulder is entire.
But oh my god: when will our Scully come back??? Alive!

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