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The Final Problem
 Previous episode Season 4 S04E03

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January 15, 2017

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By Syldana on January 20, 2019

This episode contains a lot of interesting elements. He provides us with quite captivating information about Sherlock and ... the origin of Evil.

Sherlock remained for a long time a kind of enigma that was undone very, very slowly as chapters.
Here the Holmes family has literally gone to the scanner and finally we discover a terrible journey of events that have made the Detective adult he has become.

Mycroft: (well, much more involved in a plot) we knew the two brilliant brothers, but he constantly boasted about being above the basket. It turns out that no and always. The genie turned out to be the surprise sister that came out of the closet containing all the horrible secrets of the family. Mr and Mrs Holmes clearly did not give birth to children predestined to become banal beings leading bland and unstable lives. Yet they have their fault. Mycroft, which until then had always been competent and of incredible presence, loses a lot of stripes here. He has made too many errors of judgment, leading to fuel a trauma in which was frozen Sherlock for too long. And yet he loves him, protects him in his own way and yet he has failed, putting him in the vulnerable and much more human stage.

Sherlock: the best of the trio, in the end. He is the one who is constantly evolving, the true adult. He was a child like any other, a real human, and he was made an associal, terrified to be linked to others. And we understand, now so much why. Creating a fantasy of reality, following a trauma, is a logical defense mechanism for the mind. But how did we all get along with the story of the dog who was not one! Congratulations to the authors, I had not seen it coming. Sherlock is very close in age with his sister. Together they look like twins, great analytical ability, the mental palate, dexterity to the violin ... it's bluffing. This is probably why he is the one particularly targeted in this game horrible and wanted since childhood by this sister.

Eurus: hatefully beautiful dixit Godric, absolutely. She orchestrates the game with impressive precision, sadistic to the tips of the nails, brilliant and sublimely interpreted by the actress. The perfect woman for Moriarty (yes from time to time they are able to create real geniuses of crime that mark the spirits, but not always ^^), it's her. This ability to prepare and anticipate everything, planting the perfect setting, always placing his pieces where it is needed.

Moriarty: it's perfect ^^^ what's more, my virtuoso is back and he is ... very fit. He knows how to heal his entries. What a pleasure to find him and this scene of face to face on each side of the window, this ballet perfectly synchronized between the two, enjoyable in the image of the unequaled interpretation of Andrew. They are perfect these english!

Molly: I already talked about it. One may consider herself lucky that she did not shoot herself after the sudden treatment. But 3 minutes of presence in this episode, that's all ???? Serious they do not care about us anyway. The scene was important but frankly it deserved a little more. Like a conversation between her and Sherlock already it would not have been luxury, anyway! She and Mrs. Hudson are continually exploited on the surface, unlike Mary, who is at least entitled to the last word. Finally seeing how it ends, I may not be too eager for Molly to follow his example. In the future, it will be necessary to involve it at the center of an investigation.

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