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The Six Thatchers

S04E01  7

    Season 4  Like

 Written by
Mark Gatiss Writer

 Directed by
Rachel Talalay

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 Guest Stars
Lindsay Duncan
  Lady Smallwood
Sian Brooke
Simon Kunz
  Sir Edwin
Sacha Dhawan
Marcia Warren
Eleanor Matsuura
  DI Hopkins
Paul Chequer
  DI Dimmock
Charles Edwards
  David Welsborough
Amanda Root
  Emma Welsborough
Rob Callender
  Charlie Welsborough

Rachel Talalay
Mark Gatiss
Diana Barton
  Line Producer
Martyn Smith
  Associate Producer
Stuart Biddlecombe
  Director of Photography
William Oswald

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By Syldana on January 20, 2019

I had prepared myself for the eventuality of this death. Dr. Watson, as we know, ends up widowed and goes back to live with Sherlock in the original work. Despite everything, what a shock! This death is all the more tragic because it occurred when Mary had perfectly stabilized her life and she just gave birth. However, I admit that the circumstances of this sacrifice embarrass me a little. From a scripting point of view, the strong female character is killed not to save Rosie or John but Sherlock, leading, in a more or less near future, the return of the Duo of the beginning. But why ? We seem to want to refocus everything on this character. But the hero does not need it since, since the beginning of the episode, all the projectors were already on him and that Sherlock maintained a perfect control of all this "Game".
As for John, he seems doomed to be an eternal loner, he loses all his companions and even within his own marriage, his attitude is still debatable. His daughter has just been born and he is texting another woman! Wanting to play the outraged widower at the end loses some of his superb after what he had just done.
Following this analysis, what is more obvious is that the relationship that matters most to the eyes of the creators is clearly that of the Duo. It is she, who finds herself to be the focus of all the questions, the one that is (still!) Questioned, abused in the worst way like this episode, while women are spread (Molly), murdered (Mary) or outright émigrés (Irene) as soon as they interfere between the two men. One can question their role, ultimately, in this saga or ask if there is not a little anti-feminist aspect on the part of Moffatt-Gatiss ...

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