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Blood At The Wheel

S02E07     6

 Written by

 Directed by

 Original Air Date

October 18, 2013


When the driver of the ladies' motorcar rally team is found dead in her roadster, Phryne is up in arms struggling to convince Jack that her friend's death was no accident.


Cameron Box
Rachael Blake
  Ailsa Wilton
David Roberts
  Lachlan Pepper
Nikita Leigh-Pritchard
  Millie Wilton
Annie Stanford
  Gertrude 'Gerty' Haynes
Tammy Macintosh
  Dr. Mac
Travis McMahon
Richard Bligh
  Mr. Butler
Rohan Browne
  Claude Haynes



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Blood At The Wheel

By Syldana on January 14, 2020

The interest of this episode mainly lies in the fact that we see how terrified Jack is at the idea of losing Phryne. An unforeseen thing intervenes in his life, in season 1 he was not delighted that she interferes with his investigations, today he no longer sees his life without it. Phryne loves fast driving and Jack, failing to demand that she change, wants above all to protect him from the idea of one day having to lose her. Phryne is a risk-all in her life in general, it is difficult to follow her. The final scene is heartbreaking, we feel that a very strong emotional bond has been built between them, but where they oppose is that Phryne lives in the present moment and refuses to constantly think about the future consequences that 'will involve his actions, where Jack, he is very afraid for their future.


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