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Murder A La Mode

S02E05     5

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 Original Air Date

October 4, 2013


Set in the Fleuri sisters' exclusive fashion salon at the 'Paris end' of Collins Street. When Phryne arrives at Madame Fleuri's for a fitting, she unexpectedly finds herself amidst a crime scene. The salon's benefactor has been found impaled on her own hairpiece in the sumptuous powder room, and everyone present is a suspect! Phryne uses her innate understanding of haute couture fashion to help Jack uncover an elaborate scheme.


Fiona Macleod
  Mrs Carlyon
Heather Mitchell
  Madame Fleuri
Sibylla Budd
  Renee Fleuri
Freya Stafford
  Genevieve Lamaire
Mark Leonard Winter
  Aubrey Wilde
Travis McMahon
Richard Bligh
  Mr. Butler



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Murder A La Mode

By Syldana on January 14, 2020

Phryne is always beautifully dressed, it's a fact. And as Death follows her everywhere, why not a small crime in the Haute Couture salons where it is supplied. Fashionista are in the spotlight here facing a major duel: Haute Couture making war on ready-to-wear.

"The difficult war years, combined with the devastating effects of the 1918 flu pandemic, brought the whole world to its knees. A new feeling of freedom, mixed with disillusionment, created a new type of culture. It is a living society , which led to the Roaring Twenties, a unique appearance and a creative and recognizable clothing style. After the First World War, trends evolved and moved like tectonic plates on the fashion world. reserved for aristocrats and the wealthy, democratizing it becomes more accessible and thus allows men and women of the middle class to have fun with their style. Some luxurious fabrics become affordable and thus open the possibility of creating trendy clothes from At home at the time, it was common to design your own clothes. Stylists and young stylish city dwellers show imagination and try new bold styles. Most women living in rural areas wore the same clothes as their mothers. If we dwell on this pivotal period of fashion, it seems important to specify that like any clothing era, some people were attached to wearing new things while others, more conservative, did not really care to follow movement. The most obvious thing to notice about 1920s fashion is the silhouette. Indeed, if most of the modes accentuate the silhouette in one way or another, that of the 1920s is surprisingly straight and flat. This straight, slender shape is a very distinct element of the style of the 1920s. Women, freed from the shackles of the corset, adopt this androgynous silhouette and wear dresses with a very low waist. The watchword: wear comfortable and practical clothing.
[...] Paris has largely contributed to the trends brought to Europe and North America. The watchword at the time was to produce comfortable clothing that would "liberate" women. They wore dresses every day. During the day, they wore a dress with a very low waist, belted around the hips or the waist. Day dresses had long or short sleeves and a knee-length skirt or down to the ankles. Dress fashion has evolved along with the role of women in society. Also, if older matrons continued to wear very conservative dresses, avant-garde young women opted for more sporty, more comfortable outfits. They succumbed to this post-war fashion and thus contributed to changing trends. Thus, the tubular dresses formerly worn by young adolescent girls gave way to dresses with close silhouettes but with shorter skirts. These skirts sported folds, gathers or slits to facilitate movement. [...]
For almost a hundred years, 1920s fashion has been recognized as one of the most glamorous and innovative periods in the history of modern fashion. This is probably because it is unique, easy to identify, but also because it has helped make women more free."

source https://mademoisellegrenade.fr/blogs/histoires-de-mode/que-portaient-les-femmes-en-1920


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