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Spring Break Forever

S04E01     8

 Written by

Rob Thomas Writer

 Directed by

Michael Lehmann

 Original Air Date

July 26, 2019


Eliza Coupe
Alanna Ubach
Mark L. Young
François Chau
Rudy Martinez
Brad Morris
  Sul Ross
Marco Rodríguez
  El Despiadado
Josue Aguirre
Jonathan Chesner
  Physical Therapist
Mak DeGennero
Marcos De Silvas
  Officer Soto
Nikea Gamby-Turner
Hugo Garcia
  Officer Vasquez
Timothy E. Goodwin
  Dr. Finnegan
Cassie Hernandez
  Andrew's Wife
John Kellar
Butch Klein
Chanel Marriott
  Tawny Carr
Ashleigh Morghan
  Lusty Lisa
Jaye Razor
Malcolm Xavier
Logan Miller
Hermie Castillo
Ashton Moio
Luke Spencer Roberts
Andrew Friedman
  Mayor Mark Dobbins
Paul Karmiryan
  Alex Maloof
Mido Hamada
  Daniel Maloof
Kirby Howell-Baptiste
  Nicole Malloy
Jacqueline Antaramian
  Amalia Maloof
Percy Daggs III
  Wallace Fennel
Clifton Collins Jr.
  Alonzo Lozano
Frank Gallegos
  Dodie Mendoza
Dawnn Lewis
  Marcia Langdon
Patton Oswalt
  Penn Epner
David Starzyk
  Richard Casablancas
Izabela Vidovic
  Matty Ross
Daran Norris
  Clifford McCormack
Scott Vance
  Bob Sargent


Rob Thomas
Michael Lehmann


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Episode 1

By Syldana on July 22, 2019

When I started, years ago, watching this series, I did not know then that I would follow Veronica and Logan over such a long period of their lives. They were babies at the time, kids as young as 17 years old (the characters of course, not the actors who suffered from the syndrome of the actor can not do his age ^^), who went to high school but who were far from living a normal teenage life. We are in the city of Neptune, where kids grow up in broken homes, where young people are the sons or daughters of corrupt parents, murderers or simply of rare incompetence. It is also the city where the war between those who are rich and those who work for the rich or simply try to get away with a job is raging. Add to that corruption, drug dealing, murder, women who are abused, scam ... welcome back Veronica Mars universe, we moved away from a series for teen classic where everything comes down to small problems relationship type. We are in the thriller and this fourth season is in the black thriller.

Logan and Veronica were diametrically different and yet ... the death of Lilly Kane, girlfriend for one, best friend for the other, the first yarn red in season 1, would bring them together for better and for worse . Their relationship started in the fire, to develop for the best and especially the worst over the episodes to the point of transforming the duo composed of the total jerk and the young brilliant detective insulted by all his schoolmates in one incredibly epic couple. And damn they gave us the means to attach us to them. Logan hid a weak mother and a brutal father actor who was unworthy of his family in every possible way. Veronica compensated an absent and alcoholic mother by being the little girl to her daddy, worthy heiress of the DNA of investigator of the old chérif decapitated and become THE detective of the city. Veronica will do her homework and help many of her classmates in all kinds of business. But her gift will increasingly make the transition to more and more mature clients, expanding Veronica's network and introducing her to a wider range of clients. For a while, Logan was developing his dark side, breaking his relationship, but ... the presence of a woman sometimes changes the game, Veronica helped to make him a young man, then a strong man in the face of hardship and above all capable of to break the infernal family circle by being more worthy of his past deeds, of his father, has eased himself over time and after many relapses, he dressed his wounds and he became a man as sexy as he was successful a professional point of view. Veronica became a woman, remains eternally even after all this time, the girl who works with her father, who despite a law degree was again sucked by the city she wanted to flee at the beginning, the eternal suspicious teenager, sensitive, cynical, chronically insecure due to his own injuries and those seen in others.

Today we find them, Logan traveling the world to effectively perform his military work, Veronica and his father Keith are now associated in their detective office, Wallace (eternal best friend Veronica) married a great woman, have a child, lives in a beautiful villa, we note in passing that he is the only character who has managed to build a surprisingly normal life in the midst of chaos, and we find Cliffyyyyy (I love it!) McCormack, lawyer , eating at any racks by making his butter on the back of injured customers ready to pursue the big sizes against strong compensation. The father of Dick and Cassidy Casablancas also makes his return. Always so stupid and self-possessed despite having gone to jail for a moment of embezzlement. But Neptune seems to want rather to remember his past as a rich CEO of a large company. Has his experience as a prisoner made him a better man, encouraging him to want a cleaner city, yes, but apparently not in the interests of the middle class. Veronica finds her old demons when we see the total rejection reaction to Logan's engagement ring, his allusions while pampering Wallace's son making him understand that he is ready to live a domestic life and let her cold ... It's rather disturbing but not unusual, Logan is rebuilding but Veronica still drags her old pans.

And the plot in all this? Well, we start strong, the city in the middle of the Spring Break, explodes literally and figuratively, but we feel that between this and the Mexican drug barons who are also pointing in the background, Veronica is going to have to to get back into the fray, perhaps alone because after his car accident in 2013 Keith suffers the fallout of the accident, the age too, and his memory is increasingly affected. The mutual is nonexistent in the US, thank you Trump, the treatments he could benefit will be inefficient in free clinics and especially when you can not afford a test at 2000 dollars.

The introduction to this episode is great, familiar, effective, plunges us back into its past glory, but it is especially more adult with intrigues even more violent, but very current scenes between Logan and Veronica much more sensual (thank you the platform system that allows more freedom) and the characters follow a logical development that follows and respects the past.

It was time for you to come back !!!!


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