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Chapter 12
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 Written by

 Directed by

Kevin Spacey
Robin Wright

Raymond Tusk: Can I ask why you do that?
Francis Underwood: Do what?
Raymond Tusk: Tap your ring like that. I've seen you do it on TV. Two taps every time. You get up from a table or leave a lectern.
Francis Underwood: Something my father taught me. It's meant to harden your knuckles so you don't break them if you get into a fight. It also has the added benefit of knocking on wood. My father believed that success is a mixture of preparation and luck. Taping the table kills both birds with one stone.

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Missing something
By Jack Anderson on November 7, 2018

The episode, while interesting, is not as great as the previous ones for me. Suddenly, Peter Russo is dead and we are clearly missing something. Watching Christina without him feels both very sad and odd at the same time.

Meanwhile, the entire section of Frank meeting with Raymond Tusk was a bit odd as well.

I give the episode 6 out of 10. Very good.

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