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Chapter 11
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 Written by

 Directed by

Kevin Spacey
Robin Wright

Francis Underwood: [To the camera] Everything hinges on the next few minutes. All my months of planning, every move I've made.
[To the Vice President] There is one person.
VP: Who?
Frank: You, Mr. Vice President.
VP: [Laughs]
Frank: If you ran to reclaim your seat, I think you'd win by a landscape.
VP: Resign the Vice Presidency?
Frank: Only if you win.
VP: Walker needs me for 2016.
Frank: Are you entirely certain he's gonna keep you on the ticket? I mean, it's no secret the two of you don't exactly get along.
VP: What has he said?
Frank: Oh, you're putting me in a very awkward position, Mr. Vice President.
VP: Has he been bad-mouthing me?
Frank: Well, the exact phrase he used was "pain in the ass."
VP: [Chuckles] That fucker. He's got no idea how to lead. No sense of respect. Oh, is this his idea?
Frank: No
VP: His way of getting rid of me?
Frank: No. It struck me yesterday and I just thought it was worth suggesting. But no, I haven't discussed this with anyone.
VP: And you shouldn't. People don't leave the White House to become a Governor.
Frank: May I ask you a personal question, Sir? Do you want to be the Vice President?

Francis Underwood: Honestly, Sir, I think he might be more interested than you imagine.
President Walker: Why is that?
Frank: Well, I hesitate to bring this up, but when he was campaigning for Russo, he spoke quite freely about you, Sir.
Walker: Mm-hmm. Tell me.
Frank: Of course, I'm getting this secondhand from Peter, but the gist of it is that - that you lack entirely in leadership, and that you have no sense of respect.
Walker: And he wants more responsibility. And how do I give him that when he shoes absolutely no discretion, no discipline?
Frank: Well, that is entirely my point. Now, look, I take full responsibility for backing Russo, but there could be a silver lining in all this. You could accomplish two goals: secure Pennsylvania for the Democrats and find an honorable way to replace Matthews.
Walker: What do you think?
Lydia: I think it is a very big decision, and we do not want to make it impulsively.
Walker: I agree. I'd like to put some more thought into it.
Frank: Well, that is very prudent, Sir. Just bear in mind, seven weeks out, that every day counts.

Francis Underwood: I must gamble everything I have right now. If I'm honest, she may use it against me. If I'm not, she won't lift a finger. I've used this same tactic myself. Once someone is exposed, they're at your mercy. She wants to hear me say the words.
Yes. I want to be the Vice President. And, yes, I helped your son get into college in the hopes that you would return the favor. But I can't force you to do so, Lynda.
[Walks out]
But I also think that we would make a formidable team. Look what we've been able to accomplish even when we've been at odds at each other. Now put your mind to what we could accomplish if we weren't.

Francis Underwood: Whatever happens in the next few hours, whatever you hear, we will never speak of it.

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Crossing the line
By Jack Anderson on November 6, 2018

This is the moment that the bigger picture becomes clear. The path to the Vice Presidency. This makes the second phase of House of Cards even more exciting, as we are closer to power. Location, location, location, right?

Also, the downfall of Peter Russo is as sad as beautiful. Him confronting his children and Christina was very, very sad.
Before the final moment, when Frank understands Peter Russo will not be controlled and has only one way to find a solution, even if that means crossing the line, which he does by killing Peter.

Also, the final scene of the episode is just great, with the ending credits rolling out while Frank and Claire pay their tribute to Peter in front of the press.

I give it 8 out of 10. Superb.

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