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Episode 1.2

S01E02  7

    Season 1  Like

 Written by
Mark Frost Writer
David Lynch Writer

 Directed by
Duwayne Dunham

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 Guest Stars
Gary Hershberger
  Mike "Snake" Nelson
Mary Jo Deschanel
  Eileen Hayward
Don S. Davis
  Major Garland Briggs
Catherine E. Coulson
  The Log Lady
Al Strobel
  One-Armed Man
Alan Ogle
  Janek Pulaski
Michelle Milantoni
  Suburbis Pulaski
Jill Engels
Charlotte Stewart
  Betty Briggs
Grace Zabriskie
  Sarah Palmer

Duwayne Dunham
Mark Frost
David Lynch

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Traces to Nowhere

By Jack Anderson  on September 6, 2019

While not directed by David Lynch, this second episode (the first after the pilot aired) is still extremely good. Everything is simply perfect and moves towards the good direction.

I simply loved the delicacy of the scene in which Bobby Briggs meets the parents from his new girlfriend. While the series is going at times in very dark places, it also shows very delicate moments like these.

Meanwhile, in a similar fashion, I also loved the introduction of Don S. Davis’ character as the father of Bobby Briggs. His eloquent lines were simply great.

Also, like the pilot, the episode ends on a kind of cliffhanger, understanding that the doctor was actually in love of Laura.

In the end, there are no cult scenes in this episode, but it clearly does the job.

I give it 7 out of 10. Excellent.

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