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Dark Wings, Dark Words

S03E02  4

    Season 3  Like

 Written by
Vanessa Taylor Writer

 Directed by
Daniel Minahan

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 Guest Stars
Ciarán Hinds
  Mance Rayder
Ellie Kendrick
  Meera Reed
Diana Rigg
  Olenna Tyrell
Iwan Rheon
  Ramsay Snow
Michael McElhatton
  Roose Bolton
Natalia Tena
Finn Jones
  Loras Tyrell
Mark Stanley
Ben Hawkey
  Hot Pie
Luke Barnes
John Stahl
  Rickard Karstark
Mackenzie Crook
Noah Taylor
Thomas Brodie-Sangster
  Jojen Reed
Philip McGinley
Michael Shelford
  Master Torturer
Joe Purcell
  Riverlands Traveller
Ben Crompton
  Eddison Tollett
Kristian Nairn
Kristofer Hivju
  Tormund Giantsbane
Paul Kaye
  Thoros of Myr
Art Parkinson
  Rickon Stark

Daniel Minahan
Vanessa Taylor
Frances Parker
Jonathan Freeman
  Director of Photography

 New Quote

Shae: Men only want one thing from a pretty girl.

Sansa (about King Joffrey): He's a monter.

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 New Review


By Jack Anderson  on May 15, 2019

At this moment in time, I get a bit bored by the series. Yes, I said it. For the first time since the first episode, this one is not very compelling. Sure, there are a few interesting moments, such as Theon being tortured (I felt really bad watching it) and Jaime and Brienne fighting on the bridge. But that was pretty much it to me.

I give it 4 out of 10. Average.

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