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The One with Ross's Tan

S10E03  1

    Season 10  Like

 Written by
Brian Buckner Writer

 Directed by
Gary Halvorson

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 Guest Stars
Jennifer Coolidge
  Amanda Buffamonteezi
Luis Antonio Ramos
  The Tanning Salon Guy
Iris Bahr

Brian Buckner
Gary Halvorson

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By Jack Anderson  on September 9, 2019

A truly horrendous episode. The story of Ross getting a bad is beyond childish. Meanwhile, the bit of Rachel hitting Joey when he tries to kiss her is really horrible. I mean, this is the exact same story of season 2, when Rachel was laughing when kissing Ross. This just shows how horrible the show has become. This makes for a new low and I cannot wait to end my rewatch of Friends.
The first three seasons were outstanding, but after that, it just kept becoming worse and worse until it became totally irrelevant. The problem? One and only one. The writing.

I give it 1 out of 10. Beyond bad.

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