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The One in Barbados: Part 2

S09E24  4

    Season 9  Like

 Written by
Marta Kauffman Writer
David Crane Writer

 Directed by
Kevin S. Bright

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 Guest Stars
Paul Rudd
  Mike Hanningan
Aisha Tyler
  Charlie Wheeler
John Balma
  Professor Jarvis Oberblau
Robert Alan Beuth
  Professor Klarik
Alison Shanks
  Nancy Oberblau

Kevin S. Bright
Marta Kauffman
David Crane

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The One with the Ping Pong Fight

By Jack Anderson  on September 6, 2019

As a pro at ping pong, I really liked that sequence. The rest I cannot really say.
The Joey and Rachel thing, while a very bad idea on paper, actually works on screen, thanks to the wonderful actors. But I still think this was a door that should not have been opened.

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