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Home Again

S10E04     6

 Written by

 Directed by

 Original Air Date

February 8, 2016


While Mulder and Scully investigate a strange case of a trash man killer, Scully learns that her mother is having a heart attack and is laying in a hospital bed.


Sheila Larken
  Margaret Scully
Tim Armstrong
Daryl Shuttleworth
  Daryl Landry
Alessandro Juliani
  Joseph Cutler
Chris Shields
  Detective Gross
John DeSantis
  Band-Aid Nose Man
Gary Sekhon
  Forensic Technician
Sachin Sahel
  Jack Budd
Veena Sood
  Dr. Louise Colquitt
Jannen Karr
  Nurse Taillie
Seth Whittaker
Daniel Jacobsen



- Glen Morgan says that the three episodes "Home", "Never Again" and "Home Again" form a trilogy about Dana Scully and her personal evolution in her longings.


 New Quote

Fox Mulder: What? I wasn't gonna shoot the kid. I don't do stairs anymore.
Dana Scully: Mulder, back in the day, I used to do stairs and in three-inch heels.
Fox Mulder: Back in the day. Scully, back in the day is now.


Trashman: The people on the streets, the homeless, the street people, they ain't got no voice, right? They get treated like trash. I mean actual trash. It's like this: you throw your grande cup, or your pop bottle in the right trash can under the sink, recycle's here, trash there, you tie the little bag, you take it outside, put it in the right dumpsters. Pat yourself on the head. You're a good person, yeah? You did the right thing, you fought global warming, you love all the little animals. Well Friday come, Wednesday maybe, garbage man takes the trash away it's not your problem anymore. Magic! But it is your problem, because it piles up in the landfill and the plastics leak toxins into the water and the sky, but if you don't see a problem, there's no problem. Right? People treat people like trash.


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 New Review

A bad episode

By Jack Anderson  on September 7, 2017

Here comes another bad episode from the tenth season. While the story of Scully's mother passing away could have been interesting, it simply doesn't fit with the trash man story. The dialogues become quite stupid when the episode ends on Scully asking if she abandoned her child "like trash."

I give this episode 3 stars. A bad one.


By Gruic  on May 31, 2018

A great Scully centric episode about responsability and legacy.

Margaret's death brings out all the guilt of Scully, serving as a storytelling engine to revive the quest of William that will, ultimately, clear up all the remorse. The episode Ghouli, in season 11, will bring a magnificent conclusion to this mythological arc by finally releasing Scully of all that.

The music "More Remorse" by Mark Snow is beautiful. One of his best and most successful work.

As a conclusion, I would like to approach the character of Trashman, a compulsive artist living in a basement, surrounded by his creations awkwardly taking life and chaotically roaming the corridors.
This is probably the strongest idea of the whole season.

RIP Margaret

By Vivi on September 17, 2018

This episode is for me one of the best of the season 10.

First I like the idea behind the main theme which is so topical. All big towns try to hide its homeless persons because it gives a bad image. But no one really ask them what they want and what they think or what they need. They have lost their right to ask and to be heard when they have lost their home. No solution to help them to change their situation is really seeked. They are just moved (far away....) because if we don't see them, we think the problem is solved.

Second I like the conclusion of the character of Margaret Scully. This is the end for her and her last words are for the 2 people she doesn't see anymore : her son Charlie and her grandson William. Obviously two big regrets that she has cared until her death. Scully has to face many questions about her mother whose she will never have answers. I think this is true because when one of our parent or relative dies, we always have interrogations or worst: regrets.

Finally the last scene between Scully and Mulder is very harrowing and right. Scully is questionning herself because of the death of her own mother and her regrets about her son Charlie. She is worried that william would think that his mother has abandoned him because she doesn't care of him.

In conclusion, this episode has touched me for the veracity of every single theme it tackles.


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