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The Truth
 Previous episodeNext episode Season 9 S09E19

 Written by
Chris Carter

 Directed by
Kim Manners

David Duchovny
Gillian Anderson
Robert Patrick
Annabeth Gish
Mitch Pileggi

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Worst conclusion possible (update: actually, it wasn't)
By Jack Anderson on December 26, 2015

I waited years, dreaming about the very last episode of the show. And then I saw it... Let's be clear : I didn't like this series finale.

The main reason was simple : the tribunal sequence is way too important and very boring, especially if you know the show well. This is not the fault of Kim Manners as he did a great job with this poor script (40 pages for the tribunal ! half the episode).
The fact is that when you passed 9 years of your life waiting for the next episode, you start thinking about the very last episode like the holy graal. Expectations were high ! So, when the episode started, it was great to see Mulder back in a black suit, chasing the truth in some military secret base. But as soon as he is in jail, the episode is completely boring until he gets out.

The second part is much more interesting and captivating. It is just a shame that the all episode wasn't like this.
What is great though, is that Chris Carter and his team did a real conclusion with the end of the show (along with "Jump the Shark" and "William") : Scully's baby has been given away, The Lone Gunmen are dead, The X-Files are closed (exit Doggett and Reyes), we know that everything is in its right place for the preparation of the colonization (supersoldiers in power inside the governement), Smoking Man is dead, Mulder and Scully are fugitives. So the next movie(s) can start without all the problems that would have mean finishing the show with "Requiem" for instance. It will be a "simple" scary story with Mulder and Scully. That's it, and that's all I want to see now because I am really fed up with the mythology.

I give the episode a note of 2 out of 10. It is very bad.

Back from the future, after all, "The Truth" wasn't the series finale. Chris Carter produced new seasons. What he was able to do was to make "The Truth" even stupider, by bringing the Cigarette Smoking Man back from the dead. The all point of the series finale (or so) was to see the definitive end of this evil character, that we followed from the pilot episode.

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