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The One with the Proposal: Part 1

S06E24  6

    Season 6  Like

 Written by
Scott Silveri Writer
Shana Goldberg-Meehan Writer

 Directed by
Kevin S. Bright

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 Guest Stars
Alexandra Holden
  Elizabeth Stevens
Tom Selleck
  Dr. Richard Burke
Steve Hytner
  Mr. Thompson
John Apicella
  Mr. Bowmont
Natasha Pearce
Jacqueline Schultz

Kevin S. Bright
Scott Silveri
Shana Goldberg-Meehan

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Very good writing

By Jack Anderson  on August 11, 2019

It is crazy how great writing is the basis for a comedy show. In this episode, everything makes perfect senses. The stories are great, the characters are moving forward. Just great.

I give it 6 out of 10. Very good.

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