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 Written by
John Shiban

 Directed by
Tony Wharmby

 Original Air Date
January 21, 2001

Doggett and Scully are investigating murders done by a strange creature which seems to crawl into its victims.

- Badlaa means "retort" or "revenge" in Urdu.

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Distasteful: a murderer crawling into anuses
By Jack Anderson on January 1, 2016

Let's be frank here. "Badlaa" tells the story of a murderer crawling into the victim's anus. How delightful... I don't think I need to tell more. But since this is a review, I will.
The opening sequence tells everything we need to know about the quality of the episode. It starts with a cheap rendering of an Indian airport. And then... the anus sequence. How lame.
My perspective is that it is an insult to a beautiful woman such as Gillian Anderson, to have to endure an episode so low and talk about gases.

Producer Paul Rabwin said it himself: "'Badlaa' was the one episode I did not like the most [...] I think if I had done it different, I would have had John Shiban change the method of transportation. I don't think it ever worked on any level for me. It was just weird and creepy, but I think the whole idea was distasteful to me."
This is easily one of the worst and stupidest episodes of the series. And surely the worst episode of the eighth season. Paul Rabwin would also say "it's the only episode that I kind of wish we hadn't done.".

The only remotely interesting thing is the conclusion, when Scully shoots to the killer, hidden as a young boy. The rest is totally awful and tasteless.

Finally, the soundtrack from Mark Snow is awful. The continuous oboe slash violin synthesiser is nerve-wracking.

I give the episode 1 out of 10: horrible.

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