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Season 8 S08E06

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 Written by
Steven Maeda
Daniel Arkin

 Directed by
Peter Markle

 Original Air Date

A prison inmate gets killed and suddenly lives time backwards.

- Dana Scully is wearing a Swiss made Omega watch.

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by Caroline R. Poole on 2017-11-14 11:15:16 ET
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Last post by Gruic
163 days ago

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By Jack Anderson on December 31, 2015

After a very strong start of the season (five very good episodes), it was logical that this great start would be stopped by a bad episode. "Redrum" is that episode.
The opening sequence is quite interesting. A prison inmate is getting killed, then suddenly time stops and run backwards. What a start!
But unfortunately, this backwards episode is very difficult to follow. This reminds me of the movie "Memento" by Christopher Nolan, with a similar storytelling. "Memento", even though is a great movie, is quite complex to follow as well and the pace is very slow. This is the exact same situation here. The pace is very slow and the main issue is that John Doggett and Dana Scully are almost never to be seen. Whatever the reason (contractual or not), the episode would have been much less boring if Doggett and Scully would have been more present.
There is also almost no outdoor scenes. It feels as oppressing as previous episodes happening in prison, such as The List, a similar boring episode taking place almost entirely in a prison.
I would have much preferred to see an episode where the time would spend backwards for one of the main characters, especially Doggett. Scully would have not believed him at first, but would slowly understand and help him. Doggett would have felt very vulnerable as well and it would have been interesting to see.
But the episode is not so bad, for instance, Mark Snow composed a nice light score that is far from the bad scores of the first four episodes of the season. Also, the resolution of the episode is very well done. The slow-motion scene is very good. But unfortunately, the episode should have ended there and not on the odd 30 seconds epilogue with the cheesy monologue of the inmate.
I give the episode a 3: Bad.

Good character
By Gruic on April 14, 2018

After tons of episodes focusing on main characters, I'm very happy with that episode, focusing on the character of the week. I like the atmosphere, I like the photography, the colors...

A good one.

No pictures in the gallery.

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