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Across the Sea

S06E14  1

    Season 6  Like

 Written by

 Directed by
Jack Bender

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 Original Air Date
May 11, 2010

 Guest Stars

Jack Bender

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Too many (stupid) answers

By Jack Anderson  on May 10, 2018

This episode is similar to Ab Aeterno, in a sense that it shows us a story without any of the survivors. In it, we witness the birth of Jacob... and the man in black. To summarize, a pregnant woman mysteriously arrives on the island and then delivers two babies, Jacob and the man in black. We then get to see the two young - and normal - kids having fun and living their lives.

While I would like to believe in the story of two opposite characters, the fact that they are wearing white and dark clothes from their childhood is way too cliché for me.

And my other concern is that by revealing every single secret of the island and the series, the screenwriters left us a bit unsatisfied. Because the beauty of a mystery is not to be revealed. I'm not saying that the writers should not have shared answers to the biggest mysteries. But I think they should have left some mysteries unsolved or at least partially resolved.

But it's a zero sum game. Because if the writers would have not revealed the mysteries of the island, most of the audience would have felt duped. And on the other side, the revelations are not that interesting. Therefore, it feels like a zero sum game, where there is no good solution.

There is a cave. And there is a light. And it's a great light. And it is good. And it is in every human being. It is life. It is death. It is rebirth. But it can't be protected forever.
The way the woman is explaining all of this to the audience is really painful. I really felt like I have been duped. This is a clear example where the writers are explaining every single detail. I would have had no problem seeing one of the children going into the cave without any reason and then seeing the result, instead of being told every detail in a very blunt and unsubtle way.
This is the ultimate completely different way from Twin Peaks, where we see mysteries being slowly revealed, but in a way where we keep using our imagination.

The man in black explains to Jacob that they found many places where metal behaves strangely. And since some of them are really smart, they dug. And they discovered... that by putting a wheel, the man in black can leave. Ergo, he knows he can leave the island. Well... that is simply silly and makes no sense. But why does he know all of this? "Because I'm special." Yeah, right.

Overall, I would recommend anyone to not watch this episode. Simply skip it and go straight to the next one. It will not affect whatsoever your viewing experience of the series. To the contrary, it would even increase it (or not diminish it, depending on how you see it).

This episode is exactly like Ab Aeterno, 100% as bad as Ab Aeterno is great.

A horrible and unbelievable episode that is filled with stupid answers. I give it 1 out of 10.

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