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Young at Heart
 Previous episodeNext episode Season 1 S01E16

 Written by
Scott Kaufer
Chris Carter

 Directed by
Michael Lange

David Duchovny
Gillian Anderson

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Low-key but very good episode
By Jack Anderson on September 10, 2017

Ironically, my review is exactly the same as for "Lazarus". Both episodes are exactly the same. They got this very dark look of the first season. And their theme, even if paranormal, is not entirely fantastic and actually anchored in a form of reality.
When I was a child, I found both episodes very annoying. With age and (I hope) a form of maturity, I actually like those a lot now.
Contrary to "Lazarus", Mulder is this time really interesting and, for once, the backstory written for one of the lead characters is really interesting (the opposite of "Fire"). Indeed, we jump back in the professional career of Fox Mulder, when he worked in the violent crime section.

For the very first time in the series (at the 16 minutes mark), Mark Snow utilises voices in his music, in a new musical facette of the series. This is a very powerful effect that brings us an atmosphere both interstellar and religious. Mark Snow literally brings us beyond the realm of reality. Simply put back the episode at the 16 minutes mark and let you guide by the music.

But I will be franc with you, I am really looking forward to finally get to episodes such as "E.B.E.", "Darkness Falls" et "The Erlenmeyer Flask", so that the story would move forward a bit.

What is sure is that this season is a jewel. I admit that half the episodes are bad, but even though, this season is one of my favorites.

I give it 6 out of 10. Very good.

Perfect loner
By DuaneB on June 29, 2018

To continue on the list of underrated episodes, let's me assume my weird tastes.
I never see this episode in fan's top ten. Perhaps many of them should rewatch it once again. Like I did for episodes I don't like.

Okay. Here we just have a good story, an imaginative story, with many subjects in one:
-How to stay in the rule in front of a criminel
-The progeria vs eternal youth
-The early first years of Mulder's work in violent crimes section
-The revenge theme
-Probably more, but I must summarize...

I do not coumpt the perfect construction of the episode, which opens in the past and concludes opening to the future, like the best episodes.

Scully is here a fine support to Mulder, and we apreciate her patience in front of Mulder's frustration.
The idea of Barnett character is a huge occasion to push Mulder in its own limits, since it is the first time we see him shuting a man at close range.
In general, I think it fits well when Mulder can shows his profiler talent...

The Scully scene, when she hears some noise in her appartment, and then immediatly takes her gun, while the music rythm all is an effective moment.

The ambiance is still dark, like we love it. The concert hall scene where Scully plays the target offers wonderfull and delicate signs of complicity. I could add that is still interesting to know more about Mulder's past. Reggie Purdue is a good character. So much more linkde to the story and less stupid than the season eleven's Reggie, just awfull and unreal...

I give this episode a 10 ou of 10.

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