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First Person Shooter
 Previous episodeNext episode Season 7 S07E13

 Written by
William Gibson
Tom Maddox

 Directed by
Chris Carter

 Original Air Date
February 27, 2000

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Awful episode
By Jack Anderson on January 1, 2016

"First Person Shooter" is bad from the first second to the last one. As Carter said it himself "It really was an episode about how far you could go with technology." And there is nothing more here. Of course we could say that Carter tried to create an original episode and we can see that shooting this episode was really complicate. But the result is really bad and even sexist at some point. This episode is a huge stereotype, a hundredth times worst than the stereotype about magic in "The Amazing Maleeni". Season seven have a lot of bad loners, and this episode is the worst of them.

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