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S07E04     1

 Written by

Frank Spotnitz Writer
Vince Gilligan Writer

 Directed by

Thomas J. Wright

 Original Air Date

November 28, 1999


Brittany Tiplady
Colby French
Mitch Pileggi
Octavia Spencer
Holmes Osborne
Lance Henriksen
Marilyn McIntyre
Romy Windsor
William Forward
Mone' Walton
Stephen Ramsey
Eulan Middlebrooks
Michael Dempsey


Thomas J. Wright
Frank Spotnitz
Vince Gilligan


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Fox Mulder: "The world didn't end."
Dana Scully: "No, it didn't."



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 New Review

Very bad crossover with MillenniuM

By Jack Anderson  on January 1, 2016

"MillenniuM" was a great show, especially the first dark crime episodes. But the show was canceled and Frank Black never saw the second millennium coming. Well, that would have been better that way, because this crossover is bad, really, really bad.
To summraize, this episode is a crossover between two TV series from Chris Carter, which are The X-Files and MillenniuM. Mulder and Scully are asking Frank Black to help them on a case, a few days before January 1st of 2000. Of course, a lot of X-Files and MillenniuM fans were waiting for this episode for a long time. Like myself, they were fantasizing about this episode, as they would dream about The X-Files series finale (we all know how that went, but that is another story). Both result would be bad and boring and that is really a shame. Yeah, "Millennium" (the episode) is bad since the very first frame. The teaser is so bad that it is funny. This guy getting naked in front of a coffin and putting a cellphone in the hand of a dead body... Then the scene where the dead body resuscitate and use the cellphone... Really not dark at all, simply painful to watch. Then, when Mulder and Scully meet Frank Black, there is no magic at all, it's boring and all we want is Mulder and Scully to get away in order to stay with Frank Black, which is still so charismatic and dark. And there is the last scene, where Mulder is (I cannot believe I'm writing this) shooting some zombies in a cave... and when Frank Black comes to help him, they don't get away, they stay inside the cave in order to shoot more zombies. And the worst thing at all, is that the very last scene of this episode is a kiss between Mulder and Scully. How could they make them kissing each other just after a bad zombie scene?! They were so much passionate moments during the show, where the writers could have make Mulder and Scully kiss each other, but no, it was in the end of that very bad episode. Okay, the new millennium thing was a legitimate reason, and is a good idea itself. Because, once more, they kiss without really kissing each other, the new millennium is their new bee if you know what I mean. But in the end, this episode is really bad.


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