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Please Remain Calm

S01E02  7

    Season 1  Like

 Written by
Craig Mazin Writer

 Directed by
Johan Renck

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 Original Air Date
May 13, 2019

With untold millions at risk after the Chernobyl explosion, nuclear physicist Ulana Khomyuk makes a desperate attempt to reach Valery Legasov, a leading Soviet nuclear physicist, and warn him about the threat of second explosion that could devastate the continent.

 Guest Stars
Matthew Needham
Rosie Sheehy
  Nurse Pripyat
Ron Cook
  Old Maternity Doctor
Tomas Zaibus
  Soldier (Hospital)
Peter Guinness
  Major Burov
Laurence Spellman
  Commission Heli Pilot
Alison Pargeter
  BCP HQ Aide Female
Victor McGuire
Sakalas Uždavinys
  Ilya Ivanovich Chulkov
Aidas Jurgaitis
  Soldier (Shelter)
Aiste Gramantaite
  Bartender in Polyissa Hotel
Lucy Russell
  Marina Gruzinskaya
Donald Sumpter
Diarmaid Murtagh
Natasha Radski
  Russian News Reader
Joe Tucker
  Plant Employee
Baltasar Breki Samper
Philip Barantini
Oscar Dyekjær Giese
Darius Petkevičius
  Local Husband
Amanda Drew
  Kremlin Aide Female
Laura Elphinstone
Michael Socha
Karl Davies
  Viktor Proskuryakov

Craig Mazin
Johan Renck
Gary Connery
  Stunt Coordinator
Simon Smith
Glenn Marks
  Stunt Coordinator
Leonidas Kotikas

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- It's not three roentgen. It's 15,000.
Brukhanov: Comrad Scherbina--
Scherbina: What does that number mean?
- It means the core is open. It means the fire we're watching with our own eyes is giving off nearly twice the radiation released by the bomb in Hiroshima. And that's every single hour. Hour after hour, 20 hours since the explosion, so 40 bombs worth by now. Forty-eight more tomorrow. And it will not stop. Not in a week, not in a month. It will burn and spread its poison until the entire continent is dead.


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The Invisible Fight

By Jack Anderson  on June 11, 2019

At first, the Russian officials try to cover-up the catastrophe. But you cannot hide the worst nuclear crisis even known to mankind.

What is mind-blowing is the fact that they are fighting an invisible demon. While the average men do not understand it, the scientists know that this is a complete disaster.

But then, we learn that the catastrophe is much worse than anticipated, and could lead to yet another mega explosion that would lead to the destruction of all the reactors, which would then spread on the continent and kill millions and make countries inhabitable for hundred of years.
I was definitely not aware that the catastrophe was much smaller than what could have been. This is so enraging that I still cannot believe that human beings would be so stupid as to build things they cannot control.
Imagine this, you create a system which provides you with lots of energy. But if it goes wrong, million dies. Would you do it? How stupid is that?

Then, three brave men agree to dive into radioactive water and empty some tanks that could cause a massive explosion. The episode ends on the three men facing a massive level of radioactive emissions, only to see their flashlights dying and leaving them in the dark. That was visually very interesting.

I give it 7 out of 10. Excellent.

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