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Beyond the Sea
 Previous episodeNext episode Season 1 S01E13

 Written by
Glen Morgan
James Wong

 Directed by
David Nutter

David Duchovny
Gillian Anderson

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One of the best episodes ever
By Jack Anderson on December 26, 2015

I had the privilege to watch "Beyond the Sea" in a movie theater, introduced by Chris Carter himself. And this is no coincidence that this episode was hand-picked by Chris Carter, as this is one of the best episodes of the entire series.

Gillian Anderson gives a wonderful performance and simply shines. For the first time, this excellent script lets her reveals her true potential as an actress.

Of course, most of the episode is based on Brad Dourif, that is providing a cinema performance. We are far from the boundaries of television here.

Finally, David Nutter directed this episode beautifully. And this is not a surprise, after directing the classic "Ice".

For all these reasons, I give the episode a 10 out of 10. "Beyond the Sea" is a classic masterpiece.

By danascully09 on May 16, 2018

What a moving episode,

First we discover the privacy of Dana Scully, inviting her parents for diner in her apartment, accomplice with her mother, and distant with her father, the distance is from him we guess when he ask about dana's job just before leaving in a hurry.

Then the suddent death (crap we've just met with William Sr!) and our dana talking with a ghost (wow).
She's at work as the strong character she is, and she discovers her partner's support (Mulder is very soft and gentle, there are a lot of touch) that will give her strength to carry on.

The character of LL Boggs is very well played, on the verge of madness, and even if we learn about his crimes, we feel humanity, when he wants to help Scully, when he enters her mind. She wants to believe him but also remains aware of Mulder's thoughts about him and it's a big deal to manage with her feelings.

Best scene: "if he dies because of what you've done... Son of a bitch!!!!!"

At the end she prefers not coming to Boggs death but joins Mulder on his recovery bed. Her feet on the ground, her mind with her father's memory.

My favourite episode
By Vivi on May 30, 2018

I just love this episode. I think this is one of those I've the most seen and I could see it thousands of times. Gillian Anderson is just wonderful. She shows how talented she is and how she controls her character.

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