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You Are a Badass

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By Jack Anderson on July 29, 2019

When I saw the book cover of the audio book – which is way better and cleaner than the actual book cover – I thought it would be filled with fun stories about people moving forward in life without any ounce of fear. Or actually facing their fears.
While the book has a truly great title, the content is far from badass. It is actually quite limited and not that inspiring. Ironically, the author mentions that she is not very girly and hid her feminine side for a long time. What's ironic is that this book actually is girly, in the bad sense of the word.

It is esoteric, it tells you to visualize your goals, listening to the Universe and raising your frequency. Yeah, right. I'm not saying this is wrong. What I'm saying is that it is too abstract to be really interesting. Also, the stories told are really, really dull. The bodyfat of the author, her Audi Q5, her

This simply proves that one can write a dull book with a punchy title and catchy book cover to sell two million copies. Oh, and I already saw that she milked it and released You Are a Badass at Making Money, You Are a Badass Every Day. Probably she'll move on to write You Are a Badass at 50, You Are a Badass at Work and You Are a Badass at Yoga. I believe she should actually read You Are a Badass at Book Writing.

I give it 2 out of 10. Very bad.

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