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Everything Is F*cked

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Unevenly f*cked
By Jack Anderson on July 24, 2019

Following the gigantic success of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, author Mark Manson tried to emulate the recipe and try to come up with a kind of sequel. The first book was clearly very fun and had its moments.
This one tries to do the same but while reading it, I was not exactly clear on what was the overall theme. Is there anything that binds those chapters? Hope, is that it?
I once wrote a book about hope myself and obviously I can relate and can only agree that hope is such an important essence of mankind. But while some chapters are extremely interesting (the intelligent vs emotion brain), some others are filled with platitude, such as the chapter on politics and religion. That was really bad and I felt the all time « who is this young guy that wants to teach about religion?! ». This felt like having a friend telling you about religion while eating at McDonald’s. « ... and that’s how they manipulate people. »

So, once again an extremely great book cover with an equally great title. Unfortunately the content is quite uneven. I still don’t really know what I have read. Will the next book’s theme be « love » or another generic formula? Coming soon:
« F*ck – a book about love »
« F*ck You – why you shouldn’t try to love yourself »
« What the F*ck! – random stories »

I give it 4 out of 10. Average and clearly lacking the fun of the previous book.

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