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Tintin in America

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Congo 2
By Jack Anderson on July 7, 2019

There are a few things that really don't add up. On page 2, Tintin escapes a car by using a saw to cut through a door. Are we supposed to believe that he was traveling in Chicago with a saw in his luggage?
A page after, a bad guy is throwing a boomerang at someone... and the boomerang comes back after hitting the other person. Of course...

In a way, Tintin in America is quite similar to Tintin in the Congo. Tintin discovers a new Continent and the local tribes are made fun of.
Not only that, but there are many gags that are exactly the same, such as a train exploding a car, Tintin falling from a cliff, etc.
And we go through the same words. On page 34, the "N" word is being used and I am surprised to buy an edition in 2018 and read the word "Nigger."

Overall, I dislike it even more than Congo, because most of the action is very, very boring. At least, in Congo, the action is clear and while not great, fun.

I give it 2 out of 10. Very bad.

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