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The 10X Rule

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 Written by
Grant Cardone


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Massive emptiness
By Jack Anderson on September 1, 2018

Let me summarize the entire book for you in just two words: work hard. That’s it. Period. He calls it the 10X rule, meaning that you need to go above and beyond. That’s it.
At one point, Grant Cardone explains that he works so damn hard and wrote three books very quickly. Well, that shows. There is no real clear structure, nothing is interesting. I remember an excellent book by Larry Winget titled ‘It’s called work for a reason’, that was truly a great book! It contained original new ideas about the business world.
Here, Cardone keeps saying that he is the best in sales and introduced many great ideas and concepts, but I have yet to list even one. He gets up early and works hard.
He talks a lot about massive action. Well, I read the audiobook and there are many moments when he doesn’t read properly, makes mistakes and more. Is that massive work? It seems more like massive spreadout, doing so many things that, obviously, he cannot do anything perfectly. At least this book.

Second, there are virtually no concrete examples. This is crazy, because Grant Cardone has had surely great examples to share, but no. His very scarce examples are totally empty and uninteresting.

Also, the author is truly full of himself. He’s the best, has the best marriage, the best physique, you name it. At one point, it becomes really annoying. (Maybe) 10X is the size of Cardone’s ego.

I really disliked this book, which I read from start to finish. I give it 2 out of 10. Very bad.

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