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Slayers Main Novel Series 15 - Demon Slayers! -

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 Written by
Hajime Kanzaka

It's time for Lina and Gourry to confront an old friend for the last time.



This novel concludes the second arc of the main series


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By Gruic on March 24, 2018

Since this year, this book was the final chapter of the saga. Every others novels since 2000 took place before and were prequels.

So Demon Slayer ! was an ending, and it deals with it very cleverly.

Anti-conformist, anti-fanservice, anti-epic; the final battle was done in privaty and intimacy. A very smart move from Kanzaka, the man who destroyed and rebuilt the old heroic fantasy code.


perfect suicide and complete despair
By liclic on October 14, 2018

Mazoku are fighting one another and there are different fights almost everywhere close to where Lina and Gourry are going right now. In their research of calming Luke, their footsteps are full of destroyed towns and there are heading in the centre of all this mess. In the middle of this trouble, while checking something alone, Lina finds a kind of doppelganger of herself asking her to lend her two coins...

All this novel is full of despair, even between mazoku, it is not fighting for dominance but because of uncertainty finally. The presence of high ranks mazoku trying to stop this nonsense shows the cliffs mazoku are just on the verge of. And the last battle and its conclusion is just as beautiful as a painting.

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