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Slayers Main Novel Series 14 - Hatred in Sellentia -

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Hajime Kanzaka



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By liclic on October 14, 2018

The chairman of the magic guild of Sellentia has just been killed. The four vice chairmen will have to struggle for the position... Lina and Gourry are appointed to help one of these four contenders whereas Milina and Luke for a second one...

When Milina and Luke were defending their vice chairman that Milina will be killed by an indetermined assassin... Full of hatred and of despair. Luke will completely turn into an angel of death in that town... And this hatred will continue even in the novel 15 after.

This novel has a close relationship in its patern with the second in Atlas. A chairman of a magic guild is no longer present and vice chairmen fight four the position. However the death of Milina will turn this novel in how is that possible to stop Luke without killing him than anything else. The mastermind will be discovered at this end finally but what had been triggered by the Milina's death will have a superb conclusion in the 15th novel.

Rest In Peace dear Slayer
By Vivi on December 1, 2018

This novel is one of the best. The beginning is classic and you think that this story won't be very exciting... This is a big mistake ! One of the member of the team dies... this is just unbelievable. You don't see it coming because this murder happens during an "easy" battle by comparison with the fight against Sherra or her boss. At this time, the novel takes a bend and everything changes. In the end, you know that everything is not finished. And you just want to read the novel 15 !

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