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Slayers Main Novel Series 06 -Vezendi's Shadow-

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Hajime Kanzaka



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The revelation of Xellos
By Vivi on July 29, 2018

This novel is really nice for several reasons. First, the main bad guy is Zuuma, an old enemy of Lina. He is back and you learn a lot of things about him. Next, Zel and Amelia have their own fights which are epic and emphasize their skills. Then you learn really interesting elements on the background. Finally you discover who really is Xellos and why he travels with Lina. And this is so huge that you won't believe it ....

By liclic on August 13, 2018

Come to Vezendi or someone may die... It is with these words that Zuuma came to claim a revenge with Lina...

All this novel is marked with deception and shadow...Who is the alias of Zuuma? Why is Seigram there too? Why does Xellos want to follow Lina and her friends? In addition to lore and some schemes, this novel is characterized by its fights that are extremely long and difficult for Lina's party. In all of them, Lina often seems overmaneuvered and too slow to follow. For example, if Amélia hasn't warned her in the first encounter with Zuuma, it is not only her shoulder guards that would have been destroyed in one hit but Lina instead.

The epilogue where we learn who is Xellos, a little why Xellos is following Lina is just remarkable and unexpected... But it is one of my favourite moments of all the 15 novels of the main series that are already released.

In this novel, each character has his or her moment of glory and learn some new skills or spells. Amélia has created Visfarank and has taught recovery to Zelgadis. Even Xellos beats some bad guys with a staff. But what matters most is the fact that we can catch some glimpses of the different plots that mazoku are scheming and Lina is one of the focuses of these plots...

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