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Slayers Main Novel Series 02 -The Sorcerer of Atlas-

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Hajime Kanzaka



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You know what I think of a guy who wags a finger at me and makes a tut-tut-tut noise? I think he's begging to lose a finger. -Lina Inverse-

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a compelling story
By Vivi on May 10, 2018

This book is very interesting. Until the end, you don't know what is really going on. You learn a lot of things about the background. And this is not Gourry and Lina who kill the bad guy....

By liclic on July 2, 2018

The second novel of the Slayers series takes place in the city of Atlas, where Lina and Gourry were going in the 1st novel.

In this novel, the author, Mr Kanzaka, gives a lot of features of Slayers' world, especially the relationship between magic's and fighter's guilds and the struggle for dominance between them. Of course, the way the guilds function is also explained and will of key importance here. Moreover, this novel shows the shenanigans of the 2 vice chairmen of the magic's guilds to take over the chair position because of the chairman's absence.

As a little summary of the first pages, Lina and Gourry reached Atlas. After entering a tavern, they learned some people (Tarim the Violet) was recruiting bodyguards and they were interested to take the position. And just after going out the tavern, they were attacked by a sorcerer...

Because all the novel is about the magic's guild, a lot of new spells are discovered and even one curse only accessible to mazoku will be shown : raugnut rushavna.

Personnaly, I like the plot and the way the shenanigans for the director of the magic guild are shown...

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