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Slayers Main Novel Series 01 -The Ruby Eye-

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Hajime Kanzaka

When a gang of bandits surrounds a young girl, a tall blonde swordsman named Gourry comes from nowhere to her aid and promises to escort her to Atlas City. Of course, Gourry ignores the true identity of the young girl... She is Lina Inverse, the famous sorceress !

The first story arc, novel 1 to 8, were translated and published in the US by TOKYOPOP


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Could you imagine waking up every morning to a guy like that asking you, "What's up, toots?" No, thank you. Ladies, where are the princes on white horses the storybooks promised us, huh? -Lina Inverse-

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À good moment
By Vivi on March 24, 2018

This book is very nice. The first meet between Lina and gourry and zel is very interesting. The beginning of a great story ! I really want tout read the next books

the beginning of the series
By liclic on July 1, 2018

Slayers is a series of fantasy which deals with the adventures of Lina Inverse, a really talented sorceress. In the series, also known as the main series, Lina travels with a top notch swordman, Gourry Gabriew who self proclaims her bodyguard quickly after the beginning of the novel. This duo will always be together during all the novels of the series with the exception of about half the 5th novel.

Both character are complementary. The personality of such duo quickly shows that the series is a comedy where Lina has a short temper and Gourry, even if he is the archetype of the blond, tall swordman, he is frequently helpless when he has to use his brain even to follow a simple conversation. In fact, the creation of such a character enabled the author to give the reader some critical informations.

The story begins in a wood and Lina is just stealing a group of bandits. This feature of bandits wipped out by Lina and being stolend by her is a reccuring feature of the series and the way. It will enable to quickly form the duo Lina - Gourry.

The story works well and the creation of evil characters ( named mazoku in this series) and even the boss is efficient. The first one, Zorom, will help M. Kanzaka to show the difference between normal mobs and real bad guys in the series.

There are even two little points that showed why this book definitely is not completely mastered. First, the illustrator, Mr Araizumi, when he had to create the image of the boss, Shabrani Gudu created an hideous picture instead of a frightening one. The second point is the way of using goblins and other beasts... There are of not real use. Fortunately, in the continuation of the series, there are almost no longer meaningful for the plots. Mazokus' place and use are one of the main creation and distinction with other fantasy series.

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Best French Website about Slayers
By Jack Anderson on 2018-06-30 07:50:32 ET
Last post by Gruic
696 days ago


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