Ce que je sais



January 24, 1998

- 41th studio album from Johnny Hallyday.
- The album was produced by Pascal Obispo.
- Pascal Obispo composed almost all the songs' music, either alone or with Pierre Jaconelli.

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Ce que je sais, histoire d'un album
By Jack Anderson on 2018-10-26 15:40:00 ET
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By Jack Anderson on October 25, 2018

This album marks the moment I started to love Johnny Hallyday's music. I was fourteen at the time and I remember very well the new look of Johnny in 1998. A clean and classy look, with shorter hair, small beard and dark elegant clothes. I remember very well also the music video of "Ce que je sais." Johnny is walking around in New York, there's a bridge, a lady, an apartment.
Also, that song itself is sublime. "Ce que je sais" is one of my favorite song. Yes, the lyrics may seem simple and they are. But this is where the beauty of the song lays. I have sing this song probably a thousand times. And it is actually a very, very difficult song to sing. Almost impossible. At one point, the "si" goes so high that you physically cannot sing it without going too high. Johnny had such a peculiar and beautiful voice that only him could sing it this way.

And what to say about "Allumer le feu?" I don't even know if I should mention it, as it is such a massive hit.

Just mentioning that I really dislike the song "C'est en France," really. The title of the song is one of the dumbest ever.
The second song I dislike the most is actually the one featuring Pascal Obispo. Ironically, the worst songs of this album and "Jamais Seul" are the ones featuring the producer of the album. I find that highly ironic and maybe that's good. That means that you cannot mix salt and pepper.

But I focus on the bad things. This album is really great. I give it 8 out of 10. Superb.


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