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Other Voices

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The Doors

October 18, 1971

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(Too) fun!
By Jack Anderson on July 11, 2018

Jim Morrison is dead. Rock is dead. But the remaining musicians of The Doors are still alive and want to continue making music. Who could blame them?
But The Doors without Jim Morrison, it's a music that is... how should I say this? I will not use the word "forgettable", as this would be mean.

Definitely, some tracks are really good, such as "Tightrope Ride", but my concern is more about the tone. While I can understand that the band wants to move on and continue making music, there is not a single reference to their dead friend. Remember AC/DC following the death of Bon Scott? They came back bigger than ever with Back in Black. They owned the death of their lead singer and moved forward while formally recognizing it.
But in Other Voices, instead of a bell announcing the death of Jim Morrison, we get an extremely upbeat and positive album! Suddenly, the sound of The Doors has completely disappeared. Of course, Morrison Hotel and L.A. Woman are terrific album, but they left the famous iconic sound of the band to move towards folk and blues. Here, we get only the fun upbeat version of that and we clearly miss something.

Also, it is very obvious that they should have taken a new lead singer, if wanting to continue producing albums. The voice of Krieger is simply horrible and uninteresting. The one from Manzarek is fun and works but The Doors are clearly no longer at the top of their game. This is a B game for a B album, if not C.

A way too much upbeat album with bad voices. I give it 4 out of 10. Average.

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