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Tubular Bells III

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Mike Oldfield

August 28, 1998

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More rhythms!
By Jack Anderson on June 20, 2018

After the weak and a bit pointless Tubular Bells II, I was wondering what would be the point of Tubular Bells III, except once again making more money out of the Tubular Bells first album.
Actually, I really enjoy this album. It is much more approachable than the first two, in a sense that it is more pop and catchy. Also, electronic music has become almost mainstream at the time (1998), therefore, the album is also much more mainstream as TB and TBII.

But again, Mike Oldfield is continuing to work on similar music - some could say he is even milking it. For instance, Man in the Rain is exactly the same kind of song as Moonlight Shadow.

And for the anecdote, I remember purchasing the CD at my favourite CD store at the time. It was at the railway station. I had especially made the travel to purchase the disc. Arrived home, I realize that the lady from the shop had not put the correct CD into the box. Therefore, I took the train back to the store and remember vividly that the lady did not even apologize one bit. No smile, nothing. Just "here you go." Bitch.

The Top of the Morning - a great track similar to the original album when more and more instruments are added
Far Above the Clouds

I give it 7 out of 10. An excellent and catchy instrumental music album.

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