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The Doors

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The Doors

January 1, 1967

All tracks written by the Doors (Jim Morrison, Ray Manzarek, Robby Krieger, and John Densmore), except where noted.

Side A
No. Title Length
1. "Break On Through (To the Other Side)" 2:29
2. "Soul Kitchen" 3:35
3. "The Crystal Ship" 2:34
4. "Twentieth Century Fox" 2:33
5. "Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)" (writers: Bertolt Brecht, Kurt Weill) 3:20
6. "Light My Fire" 7:06
Side B
No. Title Length
7. "Back Door Man" (writer: Willie Dixon) 3:34
8. "I Looked at You" 2:22
9. "End of the Night" 2:52
10. "Take It as It Comes" 2:23
11. "The End" 11:41

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Amazing first album
By Jack Anderson on June 27, 2018

It feels strange to say that, but this album is 50 years old! Half a century. We are really not living in the same world anymore, and one day the sixties will actually be the 2060's. In just two years, we'll be in the 20's. Expect a new stock market crash, exuberance and poverty. I guess we don't learn from past mistakes. But that is another topic.

In their first and eponymous album, The Doors really produced groundbreaking music. While the music is very powerful and has a sense of circus cinematic feeling, the lyrics are very poetic.

Ironically, while Jim Morrison wrote most of the songs, the biggest hit from The Doors, Light my Fire, was written by guitarist Robby Krieger.

The album ends on the enigmatic and controversial The End, that all moviegoers know as being used beautifully at the beginning and end of Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalyse Now.

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