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Higelin 75

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Jacques Higelin

January 1, 2016

1. Elle est si touchante
2. L'emploi du temps
3. J'fume
4. Loco loco
5. Lonesome Bad Boy
6. Habla quoi?
7. Le monde est fou
8. A feu et à sang

- This is the very last album of Jacques Higelin, released in 2016. Higelin passed away in 2018.

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Dark and beautiful
By Jack Anderson on June 13, 2018

As a big fan of French artist Jacques Higelin, I actually only learned about this album when I learned about the artist's death a few months ago. I was really sad about it and looked again at the discography of Higelin. When I saw this album, I immediately put it in my speakers and I must say it was quite a shock.

The album is really great. It made me thought a bit of the album L'Imprudence by Alain Bashung. It is very dark and is slightly different from what we are used to.

Musically, the album is outstanding. The album is very complex and atypical. I loved every single song.

And boy, the last song, lasting for 18 minutes, is quite dark and rough. Higelin left us with a punk rock song. Good bye.

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