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Scandale mélancolique

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Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine

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HFT is back!
By Jack Anderson on May 28, 2018

It had been a while since Thiéfaine had produced an outstanding album. While his period of Dernières balises (...)/Soleil cherche futur/Albambic(...) was clearly his best, after that, while Thiéfaine's albums were still great, there was a sense of either autopilot or great change with Défloration 13, almost like a stylistic exercise.
With Scandale mélancolique, Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine is back in full force in what we love him the most, the damned soul rocker. The album is having a touch of pop and is clearly aimed at radio playing.

Télégramme 2003 is obviously a song dedicated to Bertrand Cantat, the lead of the French rock band Noir Désir. After having killed his girlfriend Marie Trintignant in August 2003, Cantat ended up in jail. At the time, "le tout Paris" was talking about the why and the how. Two years later, Thiéfaine released this song, with very definitive words.
"Ronge tes barreaux avec les dents
Le soleil est là qui t'attend
Ronge tes barreaux avec les dents
Tes amis deviennent impatients"
While I can and could understand theses lyrics, the following lyrics are much more difficult:
"Les salauds sont pas ceux qu'ont croit
Quand tout bascule à l'imparfait"
The lyrics are truly beautiful. The problem is the subject itself, since we are talking about a real event. I clearly understand that something can happen and that life is suddenly destroyed forever. Anyone deserves a second chance. Anyone could drive a car and suddenly kill someone. Should it be the end of the driver's life as well? Or would this person be allowed to continue his or her life? The only problem with the story of Bertrand Cantat is that fifteen years ago, we know much more about him that we used to

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