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The Truth and the Light: Music from the X-Files

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Mark Snow

October 8, 1996

1. "Introitus: Praeceps Transito Spatium" ("D�d Kalm") 1:51
2. "Materia Primoris: The X-Files Theme (Main Title)" 3:22
3. "Raptus" ("Pilot") 3:16
4. "Adflatus" ("One Breath") 4:00
5. "Deverbero" ("F. Emasculata") 1:28
6. "Cantus Excio" ("The Calusari") 4:42
7. "Mercutura" ("Gender Bender") 3:23
8. "Lamenta" ("Roland") 1:48
9. "Insequi" ("Oubliette") 1:37
10. "Otium" ("Conduit") 1:43
11. "Dubitatio" ("Ghost in the Machine") 2:49
12. "Iter" ("Nisei") 1:20
13. "Progigno De Axis" ("Nisei") 1:35
14. "Carmen Amatorium Ex Arcanum" ("3") 2:38
15. "Facetus Malum" ("Humbug") 2:42
16. "Memoria" ("Shapes") 2:02
17. "Mitus Lumen" ("Soft Light") 2:41
18. "Fides Fragilis" ("The Erlenmeyer Flask") 1:35
19. "Exoptare Ex Veritas" ("Oubliette") 1:30
20. "Kyrie" ("Grotesque") 1:43
21. "The X-Files Theme (Flexifinger Terrestrial mix)" (UK release only) 4:23  Length

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Beyond X-Cellent
By Jack Anderson on January 1, 2019

This album starts in a way that is quite experimental. The creator of The X-Files series, Chris Carter, can be heard talking about being visitors on this rock, and then you don't even have the time to light a Morley, as all the tracks have no real pause between them.

As a purist, I would normally be against adding voiceovers on top of original music. Not only that, but the dialogue is usually from other episodes. For instance, when you'd expect the dialogue from the end of Nisei (when Mulder jumps on a train), you actually get the dialogue from Anasazi.
But I must say that it works damn well. The dialogue chosen is so iconic that it embeds beautifully within the great music from Mark Snow.

For many X-Philes, the admirers of The X-Files, this album is more than just a disc. It encompasses emotions beyond the normal. Because many of them grew up with the show and, suddenly, this simple TV series became much more.

I think I have listened to the following tracks for more than a thousand of times, really. Here are my favorite tracks from the album:
- Adflatus
- Otium
- Progigno De Axis
- Exoptare Ex Veritas
- Kyrie

This album is beyond X-Cellent. I give it 8 out of 10.

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