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Lady Gaga

November 6, 2013

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By Jack Anderson on March 9, 2019

Many are considering ARTPOP, the third studio album from Lady Gaga, as a failure. I always laugh when I read such comments, especially since lots of songs are really catchy and that she sold millions of it.
The main flaw, to me, is the cover and the title of the album. While there is clearly no concept at all, let's be honest, we are told that the concept is ARTPOP, which I think is a terrible choice. I see the pop, but I clearly do not see the art. Where's the art, except on the cover? A statue, a painting. This seems such a non-working concept that I'm not surprised that ARTPOP had such bad reviews upon its release.

Also, if there's an underlying theme throughout the album, it is clearly not art, but sex. G.U.Y. (Girl under you), Sexxx Dreams, Manicure, Do What U Want (with my body...), Swine ("You're just a pig inside a human body").
The fact she there's a naked statue of Lady Gaga on the album cover with her legs spread should have been the focus. The album is so dense that it should have been stripped down a bit. The awful cover should have been focused on the main theme and the art should have been scrapped, simple as that.
Come to think of it, the album should have been titled SEXPOP.

Still, the album is very catchy and is a nice electro pop album. It only has the wrong title, as it should have been titled SEXPOP. I give it 7 out of 10. Excellent.

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