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Serge Gainsbourg

November 16, 1973

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A scatological concept album
By Jack Anderson on January 19, 2019

1971. Serge Gainsbourg releases the best album in his career, the outstandingly brilliant "Histoire de Melody Nelson". Two years and a heart attack later, Gainsbourg is back with an album where the main theme is literally... shit. And this is actually very interesting, as those two albums are quite representing the multiple facets of the character. Gainsbourg was not only an outstanding artist, he could also be very immature and loving to tell a nasty joke. The border between aphorism and bad joke was, at times, thin.

But this is Gainsbourg we are talking about, and the opening song is an instant classic. "Je suis venu te dire que je m'en vais." Many think that this song is about the character singing that he's breaking up with a lady, but it's actually the story of someone saying that he will die.

And you know what? Some songs are quite catchy, such as "Pamela Popo", "L'hippopodame", "Sensuelle et sans suite", therefore, I am forced to admit that this album is actually not bad. And that is very painful, because I am quite disgusted by the main theme.

Not as bad as you'd think, I give it 4 out of 10. Average.

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