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You're Under Arrest

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Serge Gainsbourg

November 2, 1987

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Mon Légionnaire
by Jack Anderson on 2019-01-21 12:31:08 ET
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Vulgar & a final song
By Jack Anderson on January 11, 2019

Serge Gainsbourg's final album is very representative of his career and legacy. His last album is not great, as some of his discs were. I find this album rather vulgar and no longer poetic. The eloquent metaphors have been replaced by "suck baby", which are pointless lyrics.

But when you think that there may be witnessing nothing, the final song of his career is beyond sublime. As he did so many times, he steals lyrics. But this time, we all know what song it is. "Mon légionnaire", the famous song from Edith Piaf (1937). But did you know that "Mon légionnaire" was originally not a song from Piaf, but from unkonwn Marie Dubas in 1936. I think this is a nice way to end my reviews about Gainsbourg's studio discography.

I give it 5 out of 10. The album is not good, but the final song is genius. The last album of a great artist.

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