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Love on the Beat

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Serge Gainsbourg

October 2, 1984

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Great sound, very rough
By Jack Anderson on January 11, 2019

After two reggae albums, Serge Gainsbourg, once again, completely changes his style and, this time, goes towards a modern rock style coming straight from New York. Recorded in New Jersey, the album is having really a great sound that is so iconic from the 80's and just beautiful. I love it.

In terms of the lyrics, Serge Gainsbourg is writing very simple yet efficient lyrics. A few aphorisms between French and English, a nice song and that's a wrap! But some texts are very rough and, while not very thoughtful, work. While I prefer when he spent the time to write lyrics for "Histoire de Melody Nelson", I must admit I also very much enjoy these simple and rough lyrics.

The album ends with the beautiful song "Lemon Incest", sang with his daughter Charlotte Gainsbourg. The result is truly magnificent and you'd be really stupid to think that this song is anything but a song from a loving father purposely trying to provoque while never crossing the yellow line.

I give it 8 out of 10. A beautiful sound and rough but great lyrics.

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