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Serge Gainsbourg

January 1, 1967

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REVIEW IN PROGRESS Utmost important in Gainsbourg's artwork
By Jack Anderson on January 11, 2019


Anna is the soundtrack of the eponymous film, starring Anna Karina, Jean-Claude Brialy. The album is totally different from the previous studio albums from Gainsbourg. Since this is a soundtrack, most people do not even know about it, and that is a shame. The album is excellent and almost look like a first try at a concept album.
I really loved the oddities, such as Jean-Claude Brialy and Serge Gainsbourg talking/singing about women on some very interesting music. In a way, this is slam album before the slam style even existed.

In a way, this is the real beginning of Gainsbourg, as we know him. This album plays with melodies, Gainsbourg talks in some songs, the rules are all broken and this is suddenly much more interesting and exciting than a typical album with a few great songs and lots of boring ones.

"Sous le soleil exactement"
"Pas mal, pas mal du tout"
"Rien rien j'disais ça comme ça"
"Un poison violent, c'est ça l'amour"
"De plus en plus, de moins en moins"

"Him: Avec elle tout est possible, pour moi ce sera merveilleux pour la première fois.
Her: Avec lui tout s'rait possible, malgré que ce ne soit jamais bien la première fois. Ce s'rait sûrement pas mal, et puis d'mieux en mieux, après quoi ça irait de plus en plus mal."

I give it 6 out of 10. Very good.

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