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En amont

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Alain Bashung

November 23, 2018

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Delicate and unfinished
By Jack Anderson on November 25, 2018

This is a very odd period, I am writing these words in November 2018. It is cold, the Christmas frenzy will start very soon and it may not be a coincidence... Last month, almost a year after his passing, a new album of Johnny Hallyday was released. A few weeks after, this is now the turn to Alain Bashung to get his posthumous album - the second.
En amont is starting with a very nice hit song, that definitely deserves to be on an album. Then, the rest is very delicate and at the same time, a work in progress. Because this album is based on songs that Bashung did not release. Still, this is Alain Bashung, and a bad song from Alain Bashung is still worth much more than most.

I give it 6 out of 10. Very good.

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