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Pas facile

Johnny Hallyday


- This is the first studio album recorded following the separation of Johnny Hallyday and his former wife Sylvie Vartan. This album is heavily focusing on this story.

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Very personal
By Jack Anderson on October 29, 2018

The first times I listened to this album, I was mostly liking its music and some punchy titles. But then, I discovered that this album was recorded after the separation between Johnny and his now ex-wife Sylvie Vartan. Therefore, the songs are almost all talking about this separation. This makes for a very personal album and is quite powerful.
And when Johnny does not talk about Sylvie Vartan, he talks to his son, David Hallyday, in the song "Il ne faut pas me ressembler" ("Don't be like me.)"

My favorite song from this album is "J'en ai marre." I really like the music as well as the lyrics.

I give it 6 out of 10. Very good.

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