The X-Files The Event Series



April 25, 2017

My Struggle
1-01 –Mark Snow Prologue 2:59
1-02 –Mark Snow The X-Files Main Title (Season 9) 0:36
1-03 –Mark Snow Ride To Roswell 2:09
1-04 –Mark Snow Call To Mulder 1:49
1-05 –Mark Snow Sveta 4:31
1-06 –Mark Snow Sveta Exam 1:47
1-07 –Mark Snow Alien Replica Vehicle/Element 115 3:09
1-08 –Mark Snow Lab Labors 2:16
1-09 –Mark Snow Sveta’s Story 3:17
1-10 –Mark Snow Mulder’s Office 1:58
1-11 –Mark Snow Deep Throat 2:35
1-12 –Mark Snow Home Fire 1:55
1-13 –Mark Snow Conspiracy Montage 5:14
1-14 –Mark Snow Sveta Confesses 1:48
1-15 –Mark Snow Parking Garage 2:26
1-16 –Mark Snow Sveta Gets Zapped 1:18
1-17 –Mark Snow Smoking Man 0:44

Founder's Mutation
1-18 –Mark Snow Insecure Insecurity 2:30
1-19 –Mark Snow Hand Message 3:33
1-20 –Mark Snow Pull The Thread/Semi-Alien Boy 10:04
1-21 –Mark Snow Capsules 5:01
1-22 –Mark Snow Aquaiescent 1:46
1-23 –Mark Snow A Mother Never Forgets 2:23
1-24 –Mark Snow The Farm House/Catching Kyle 3:32
1-25 –Mark Snow The Real Molly 2:46
1-26 –Mark Snow Mulder’s Memories 2:47

Home Again
2-01 –Mark Snow City Shower Services 1:15
2-02 –Mark Snow No Prints/The Call 2:17
2-03 –Mark Snow Extubation 0:37
2-04 –Mark Snow Remorse 1:41
2-05 –Mark Snow Sub-Urban 3:05
2-06 –Mark Snow Tulku 3:33
2-07 –Mark Snow More Remorse 2:20

2-08 –Mark Snow Prayer 1:13
2-09 –Mark Snow Einstein/Miller 2:01
2-10 –Mark Snow Mugwump 5:02
2-11 –Mark Snow Evacuation 3:25
2-12 –Mark Snow Ummu 2:48
2-13 –Mark Snow Motel 1:35
2-14 –Mark Snow Walk With Me 1:24

My Struggle II
2-15 –Mark Snow Recap 1:31
2-16 –Mark Snow Scully’s Story 2:27
2-17 –Mark Snow Fed Ford/Alien American DNA 4:35
2-18 –Mark Snow Vaccine Alienation/One-Class Infection 2:27
2-19 –Mark Snow Smokin’ God 6:58
2-20 –Mark Snow The Spartan Virus 7:48
2-21 –Mark Snow Crispr Cas9 6:33
2-22 –Mark Snow William Is Out There 4:32
2-23 –Mark Snow The X-Files End Credits (New Orbit) 0:35
2-24 –Alfred Newman I Made This 0:08

Mulder And Scully Meet The Were-Monster
2-25 –Mark Snow Bonus Track: Suite 4:32

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Mark Snow cultivates a subtle sound rich in nuances.
By Gruic on May 31, 2018

Like the music of this season event, Mark Snow is a discreet man. No interview on the Event Series Blu-ray and only few lines are delivered about his feelings and work in the booklet accompanying the 2 CD. We learn that he has repeatedly worked hard trying to build a new main theme for the series without ever being able to be fully satisfied with the result. He will finally retain its alternative version, a more explosive and acoustic brown, for the new end credits and keep the old one unchanged for the opening.

This double CD covers the 6 new episodes. The music is very discreet, but at the same time it has never been so subtle, serving immersion first, responding to a television market that has evolved.

The season, also, is very speed with too many things happening in only 42 minutes and the music does not have the time to exist. It's a shame because some songs have an identity and a crazy atmosphere. The theme "William is out there" for example, from My Struggle II, is amazing BUT the realization, the writing and the editing of the episode are so bad that we inevitably miss the song when we watch the episode. And yet this music is incredible. Please, listen it.

Finally, let us note some link to the mythology of the series through titles, including track 11 called "Deep Throat" and punctuating the exchange between Mulder and his new informant.

A excellent work from Mark Snow. That guy never fail to impress me.


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