December 6, 1986

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Music video "Je t'attends"
By Jack Anderson on 2018-10-29 17:27:43 ET
Last post by Jack Anderson
611 days ago
Music video "J'oublierai ton nom"
By Jack Anderson on 2018-10-29 17:20:11 ET
Last post by Jack Anderson
611 days ago
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One excellent song
By Jack Anderson on October 25, 2018

I do not like this album. There is only one great song, "Et puis je sais", written and composed by Patrick Bruel. The rest is quite forgettable, except maybe a few.

Best songs:
- Le nom que tu portes
- Ca ne change pas un homme
- Et puis je sais
- Tien an men

I give it 5 out of 10. Good.

A classic!
By Jack Anderson on October 25, 2018

After the excellent "Rock'n'roll attitude" album produced by Michel Berger, Johnny contacts Jean-Jacques Goldman and asks him to produce his next album. Released just one year after Berger's album, "Gang" is a hit machine on its own!

First song... "L'envie!", one of the most memorable songs of Johnny Hallyday. This song is so beautifully made for him.
Next one, "Je t'attends." Although the lyrics are more than repetitive, the song is really great and represent the beauty and the hopes of the 80's.
Next, "J'oublierai ton nom," featuring Carmel. What can I even say on the beautiful chorus? "J'oublieraiiiiiiiii toooooon nooooooom! De milleuuuuuu faaaaaƧooooooons !"
Next, "Toute Seule" proves that the album knows how to take risks! And it works perfectly. The music of that song is really inventive and is deeply rooted in the 80's. A delight to listen decades later.
Next, "Je te promets." This song is considered by many as the best song of the rocker. While it is not the case for me, as this song is not rock enough for me, I can only agree that it is a classic. I just love how the intensity progresses throughout the song.
Already there and we are at five outstanding songs out of the first five. Out of ten songs.
Next, "Laura," yet again a classic song dedicated to his daughter.
The final four songs are quite forgettable to me.

A classic of an album. Probably one of the best of the singer. I give it 10 out of 10.


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